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Training and Consultancy in Systems Design and Process Improvement
Using the Systems World to understand and improve the real world.
Design better products and processes by using the systems approach.
Make your organization more effective and efficient by removing waste.
Improve your processes and products by reducing and controlling variation.
Develop your leadership and your team as change agents.

A 2-day Systems Thinking Open Course - October 2017

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 at 09:00 to Wednesday, 18 October 2017 at 17:00

The modern business world is full of complex problems and risks. Systems Thinking provides a very powerful framework for dealing with this.  

However, applying Systems Thinking requires not only skills and knowledge, but also a profound understanding of Systems’ Principles.  

Who Should Attend?

This is a course open to anybody who wishes to apply Systems Thinking (a universal skill for the 21st century).  

Benefits to the Individual and Business

During an intensive two days of teaching and practical ‘hands on’ exercises, participants will be challenged to develop the skills and mind-set that can be applied to any situation irrespective of context.  

At the end of the course participants will:

  • have an understanding of the concepts and principles of Systems Thinking and how it can be applied through the appropriate blend of people, process and tools
  • be able to think about problems and opportunities in a new and  exciting way
  • be provided with a common language and approach to addressing complexity  
  • be able to use a number of systems tools in a systematic manner to analyse complex situations and address problems and opportunities in a logical evidence-based way.

Course Structure

DAY 1  DAY 2 
Introduction and Delegate expectations
Systems, Systems Thinking and Systems Approaches 
Why Systems Thinking?
-  Emergence -  desirable and undesirable
What is a system?
Purpose and Context
System Boundary
Subsystems and super-systems
Events, patterns and behaviour
-  Balancing feedback
-  Reinforcing feedback
-  System stability
-  System Stock and Flows
Doing Systems Thinking
-  Divergent and Convergent Thinking
-  Spray Diagram
-  Multiple Cause Diagram/Causal Loop Diagram
Systems Thinking in Practice
-  Hard and Soft Systems Methodologies
-  Systems Dynamics
-  Unified Systems Methodology
The Systems Thinking Tool BoxTools for understanding purpose
-  18 Word Statement
-  Quad of Aims

Review of Day 1
Tools for understanding Context
-  Causal Loop Diagram
Tools for understanding what’s inside and what’s outside
-  Systems Map 
-  Input-Output Analysis
Tools for Understanding Systems Structure
-  Influence Diagram 
-  N2 Analysis
-  Matrix Diagram
Tools for understanding System Behaviour
-  Sequence Diagram
Tools for change
-  Morphological Analysis 
-  Paired comparison
-  Decision matrix
Using Systems Thinking
-  Understanding Situations
-  Fixing Broken Systems 
-  Designing Systems

More Information

A printable version of this information can be downloaded here. Also, available to download is a more detailed document describing the course content, this can be downloaded here.

Dates and Venue

The course will be held on 17th and 18th October 2017 and will be delivered at the Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Milton Keynes. Directions and location can be found at:

Course Costs

The cost of the course which includes all courseware, lunch and refreshments is £420 + VAT per delegate. This does not include accommodation. Accommodation at a discounted rate is available at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Milton Keynes, if required.

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