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Training and Consultancy in Systems Design and Process Improvement
Using the Systems World to understand and improve the real world.
Design better products and processes by using the systems approach.
Make your organization more effective and efficient by removing waste.
Improve your processes and products by reducing and controlling variation.
Develop your leadership and your team as change agents.

Leading Change Approach and Methodology

Change management approach

BHW believes that no matter how good something is – a system, a person, a process – it can always be better. The Core Tasks Model illustrated below shows the dimensions of the challenge:

Wherever you are in the organization, you are involved in a scale of improvement activity. The question is “what’s the mix?” How much time do you – should you – spend on each task?

LEADING CHANGE is about getting the balance right at every level, from team member to director. BHW can help you develop the leadership skills to ensure change is initiated and sustained by focusing on competencies. Training, project work and coaching are utilised to ensure you engage people in change activity, sustainably.

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