Six Sigma Training

Training courses in Six Sigma

We can offer a variety of training solutions to help develop Six Sigma expertise within your organization. Our range of training courses covers both Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma methodologies in various levels of detail. These courses have been run successfully for a variety of different organizations. We pride ourselves in ensuring the course content and delivery is tailored to suit the nature of the organization. A selection of the courses available include:

 - Yellow Belt for Champions - The Role of the Manager in Lean and Six Sigma (2 days)

- Lean Green Belt Advanced - Six Sigma Practitioner Level (5 days)

Black Belt Conversion (6 days)

All the courses above can be modified to suit the specific needs of the organization. We can also provide a comprehensive Train-the-Trainer programme to develop competent internal trainers capable of delivering Champion, Yellow, Green and Black Belt material. If you would like further information on any of our training courses, please contact us.

Typically, these courses include project work back in the organization. BHW can provide support to the participants through coaching, project surgeries and additional training where required.

Assessment of course participants is optional, but we would be happy to discuss this.