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Lean Government Conference - BHW Masterclass

BHW MASTERCLASS: Engaging team members in continuous improvement – two REAL examples

THANK YOU for visiting our website and expressing your interest in how to build a culture of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in the workplace through engagement of staff in seeking to improve customer satisfaction every day in every way.

The Masterclass session delivered at the Lean Government Conference in September 2012 demonstrates by two examples the effectiveness of the ‘Bronze-Silver-Gold’ methodology in embedding a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in improved service performance.

From this page, you will be able access content about the BRONZE-SILVER-GOLD methodology and the two case studies.

For further information, please contact us.

Speaker #1: Stephen Walsh, Partner Burge Hughes Walsh
Speaker #2: Alan Vogan, Improvement Manager Corporate Services, Aberdeenshire Council
Speaker #3: Brian Connelly, Improvement Manager, Identity & Passport Service, The General Register Office.  

 Download a copy of the presenter's slides  Download more information on the 'BRONZE-SILVER-GOLD' methodology for embedding Continuous  Visit the BHW Home Page for more information on Lean, Six Sigma and Systems Thinking
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