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Training and Consultancy in Systems Design and Process Improvement
Using the Systems World to understand and improve the real world.
Design better products and processes by using the systems approach.
Make your organization more effective and efficient by removing waste.
Improve your processes and products by reducing and controlling variation.
Develop your leadership and your team as change agents.

Six Sigma Infrastructure


Getting the job done

The people, process and tools are critical to Six Sigma, but there is one other vital ingredient to ensure success – the infrastructure to support and enable the other three. The infrastructure is the surroundings, the equipment, conditions and factors that influence the actions and behaviour of the Six Sigma teams.

Six Sigma projects need to be tracked and monitored to ensure they are aligned with the overall objectives of the organization. The development of Six Sigma expertise needs to be coordinated and managed. The software tools needed to deliver projects need to be acquired and maintained within the organization.

At Burge Hughes Walsh we have the know how to help your organization to establish the right infrastructure to ensure Six Sigma delivers its full potential.   
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