Example 3: The Process Improvement Programme

The Process Improvement Programme (PIP) introduces the concepts, tools and techniques of Lean and provides a project-based methodology for using them to improve operations performance. It is a 2 x 3-day programme that introduces such things as process mapping, waste elimination, 5S, Poka Yoke, set-up reduction and problem-solving techniques. The tools and techniques are positioned in the context of a structured project methodology that in turn is set against World Class practices and the organization’s operations strategy.

Between the two modules a project is initiated by each delegate (or small teams of 2-3) and is completed across 4 – 5 months. Consequently, when the PIP is run as an in-house programme, the company will make operations improvements amounting to £250,000 savings. Project improvements are measured as time (e.g. lead time reduction), cost (e.g. non-value added elimination) or quality improvement.

In-house customers include: BAE System Avionics, Marconi Applied Technologies, Hotpoint, ALSTOM. The programme is also run as a public course and has been attended by a wide variety of companies.