Example 4: Management Development at Laybond UK Ltd – The STAR Programme

Laybond UK manufactures contract flooring adhesives, smoothing compounds, damp-proof membranes and other products for the building trade. The STAR Performance Programme was designed for Laybond to develop its management team in both the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills needed for process improvement and change management.

The programme, spanning five months, included some unique features that developed the management abilities of the individuals, whilst bonding them as a highly effective team equipped with the tools to enable change in their organization. These features included peer-driven study using STAR (Study-Think-Apply-Review – a technique developed by BHW), company mentoring/coaching and a comprehensive personal development plan.

The five residential modules introduced the participants to the soft skills of managing people, helped them understand their own behaviours and gave them process improvement tools. The group tasks caused the team to research the latest ideas of Business Excellence, encouraging them to apply best practices in their organization through the business improvement project.

The concept of the programme has been adapted for other companies, retaining the theme of business performance enhancement through both process improvement and people change management.

Other customers of similar, tailored programmes include: AgCo, ALSTOM Power, Nexans.