Example 6: The Masterclass

The Masterclass was developed specifically for senior managers in BAE Systems to expose them to World Class practices and challenge their paradigms.

The programme consisted of several elements. There was a substantial amount of pre-work, for which the participants were given articles and books written by the Masterclass contributors. The 7-day intensive residential module introduced participants to eminent authorities from business, academia and consultancies and required them to consider the ideas and concepts for their own businesses. The study visit was a benchmarking project to several best-in-class organizations to learn from their experiences. The follow-up residential module was to encourage sharing of knowledge gained and ensure that the participants were applying this knowledge to improve their own businesses.

Contributors include: the Kaizen Institute; John Parnaby; Joe Booth; Cranfield University; Richard Schonberger; Hal Mather; Eddie Obeng and others.