Example 9: Increased Productivity in the General Register Office through the application of Lean

BHW was invited in to the GRO to help them increase their productivity. It was recognised that they needed to review their processes throughout the area and find radical approaches to their work, as the volume of business coming into the site was increasing greatly.

A version of the Lean Simulation was introduced to all 600 staff over a period of several months. Subsequent and current activity by BHW with the GRO includes the development of in-house facilitators to support their ‘Right First Time’ customer-focused initiative. Twelve team leaders were trained to deliver the session to their fellow team, including the senior management team. The resulting excitement yielded many small-step ideas for improving work and launched a number of cross-departmental improvement projects. GRO won an Excellence Award for leadtime reduction.

Other customers include: Office for National Statistics, Aberdeenshire Council, Network Rail, HM Revenue & Customs