A 3-day Course in Lifecycle Management

Course Description

Systems have a lifecycle just like us – cradle to grave. Lifecycle Management is simply looking after that life, particularly the early concept creation and design stages where a little thought early can be highly beneficial later on. The prime benefit of Lifecycle Management is the control of risk particularly on the development of long timescale, expensive complex systems. When integrated with Systems Engineering processes and tools, it is proven to be the most successful way to design, develop, realise, operate and support systems, whether product, service or software based.  

This 3-day course introduces the concepts and principles of Lifecycle Management, bringing them to life through an engaging concept creation, design, build and acceptance case study project. The course highlights the engineering lifecycle and the roles of reviews in controlling risk at key stages. It teaches people both sides of the fence, reviewer and reviewee, and gives every participant an opportunity to conduct their first review.  

The engineering lifecycle, review process, systems engineering processes and taxonomy taught on the  course can be tailored to the policies, lifecycle and processes referenced within the Company or Corporate management framework and business management system.  

Who Should Attend?

This course applies to personnel involved in engineering of new systems and the review processes.  

Benefits to the Individual and Business

During an intensive three days of teaching and practical ‘hands on’ exercises, participants will be challenged to develop the skills and mind-set that can be applied to any situation irrespective of context.   

At the end of the course participants will:  

  • understanding of the concepts and principles of Lifecycle Management including risk, uncertainty and maturity
  • understand the generic system lifecycle and relate it to their organization’s lifecycle
  • understand the necessary integration of Systems Engineering and Lifecycle Management
  • understand the role and principles of review in the lifecycle, the purpose, context and outcomes of  reviews
  • recognise the need for different types of review and how they feed maturity and risk management
  • have an understanding of the need to tailor Lifecycle Management to the particular project or programme
  • have followed the generic lifecycle and have practiced:
° generating evidence for a review
° being reviewed
° being a reviewer
  • appreciate the implications of Lifecycle Management on their organisation.

Learning Approach  

The learning approach is based on the Kolb learning cycle with a significant proportion of the course set aside for exercises to reinforce the learning. Indeed, the course employs a number small group exercises involving a case study to provide a practical focus for the course and enables the delegates to practise the methodology and tools.  

Course Delivery  

The course has been designed for minimum numbers of 8 and maximum of 16 and can be delivered on site or at a suitable venue.

Course Structure

Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 
Introduction and Delegate expectations
System Lifecycles and the Principles of Lifecycle
Management (LCM)
An introduction to Systems Engineering processes and the V Diagram
A Systems Approach to Managing Risk
Reviews, purpose and types
Engineering Management in Life Cycle Management
Day 1 Review
Systems Engineering and LCM
Demonstration Exercise
Project start up
Gathering Requirements
Exploring Solution Concepts
Bid-no bid Decision and review
Project Mobilisation and review
Maturing Requirements
Maturing Solution
Preliminary Design Review
Day 1 and 2 Review
Detailed Design and Critical Design Review
Integration and Test and preparing for Manufacture and review
First Article Qualification Review Progression to full-scale production and the Acceptance process and Review
Engineering Planning and Tailoring
Summary and Close

Course Costs  

The cost of delivering the 3-day course, excluding delivery tutor accommodation and expenses, but including all courseware is £4,500. VAT will apply at the prevailing rate.   The course can be tailored to suit individual customer’s operations.  

More Information and Contact Details

For more information about the 3-day Course in Lifecycle Management or any of our other Systems Engineering courses please contact Dr Stuart Burge on +44 (0) 7803 131614 or sburge@burgehugheswalsh.co.uk.  

A printable version of this information can be downloaded here.