ISO/ICE/IEEE 15288 Systems Engineering Audit/Review

Audit/Review Description

International Standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 is the recognised standard for Systems Engineering and Software processes. It defines the minimum process standards an organization has to successfully implement to claim that it follows Systems Engineering “best” practice. The standard is structured such that an individual organization can assess its Systems Engineering process maturity to identify gaps and thereby focus and prioritise improvement activities.  

Burge Hughes Walsh have developed an Audit/Review process against the requirements of 15288 that will allow an organization to measure the maturity of its Systems Engineering deployment. The benefit to the individual organization is an independent and clear picture of the organization’s standing against 15288 together with a set of recommendations as to the actions necessary to be “15288 compliant”.  

The Audit/Review is a 3-stage process:  

1.  Audit/Review Preparation: On-site scoping of the Audit/Review and reading and review of process and procedural documentation in preparation for the Audit/Review Visit  

2.  Audit/Review Visit: On-site review of processes with key process staff

3.  Audit/Review reporting: Generation of a Review Report including any observations and recommendations, together with a presentation of findings and recommendations to interested parties. The Audit/Review uses 6 levels to measure the organization’s maturity against the clauses of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288. These levels are:  

Level Criteria 
No practice and no documented process
Evidence of undocumented practice
2 Process documentation in draft form  
3 Issued process documentation in operation not compliant with 15288
4 Issued process documentation in operation compliant with 15288  
5 Evidence of process review and continual process improvement   
N/A Not Applicable evidence of tailoring  

Who is it for?

The ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 Systems Engineering Audit/Review is aimed at organizations who wish to deploy and embed best practice processes for Systems Engineering and Lifecycle Management.

Benefits to the Organization  

The Audit/Review will provide the organization with a clear view of its current maturity against the International standard. It identifies the areas for improvement and via the Audit/Review Report, recommendations necessary to address areas of low maturity.  

Audit/Review Process  

The three stage Audit/Review process comprises:  

Audit/Review Preparation:  

  • An initial 1-day on-site visit to agree the scope and duration of the Audit/Review Visit,  together with the identification of any relevant Company process and procedural documentation.  Candidate visit dates will also be identified together with a costed proposal.
  • Reading and review of process and procedural documentation in preparation for the Audit/Review Visit  
  • Development of Audit/Review Visit schedule  

Audit/Review Visit:  

  • Confirmation of Audit/Review Visit schedule and nomination of key process staff
  • On-site review of processes with key process staff
  • Initial verbal reporting of Audit/Review findings and provisional observations and recommendation  

Audit/Review reporting:  

  • Generation of a Review Report including observations and recommendations
  • If required, a presentation of findings and recommendations to interested parties  

Cost of Audit/Review  

The cost of conducting the Audit/Review is dependent upon the size and complexity of the organization.    Multi-site organizations may require multiple visits. The purpose of the initial 1-day on site visit is to determine scope and nature of the Audit/Review.  

As an indicator of cost, a single-site review typically lasts two days and the Audit/Review report is issued   within one week. The cost excluding auditor travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses is £4,200. VAT will apply at the prevailing rate.  

More Information and Contact Details

For more information about the Audit/Review or any of our other Systems Engineering courses please contact Dr Stuart Burge on +44 (0) 7803 131614 or    

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