Posted: Thursday, 23 May 2013 @ 14:31

Traditional Six Sigma training can be too much, too soon. At BHW, we have created a modular training programme that equips participants with the requisite Six Sigma skills, but which enables people to ‘get off’ half way, still with the skills to run Lean and problem solving/corrective action projects.

Lean Green Belt Module 1 ‘Making Improvements using Lean and Six Sigma’ takes the participants through the whole DMAICT methodology and equips them with the principles, tools and techniques to run most types of projects required by the organisation.

For the more deep-rooted problems, the more rigorous investigation through detailed data collection and analysis that we recognise as ‘Six Sigma’, BHW provides an upskilling course – Lean Green Belt Module 2 ‘Advanced Green Belt for Six Sigma practitioners’.

To complement the above skills development, ‘Managing Improvements using Lean and Six Sigma is a two-day introductory course for managers and project sponsors. Its objective is to help managers to support Lean and Six Sigma practitioners and their project teams.