LEAN IN GOVERNMENT – an excellent conference

Posted: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 @ 14:52

The recent conference by Publicservice.co.uk hosted some excellent speakers and case studies on lean in the public sector. Burge Hughes Walsh held a Masterclass, introducing process improvement managers Alan Vogan from Aberdeenshire Council and Brian Connelly from the General Register Office.

The Masterclass was very well attended by the delegates. Entitled ‘It can be done! Embedding Continuous Improvement in daily activity: two live examples’, its theme was about engaging team members in lean activity by generating excitement and involvement at grass-roots level. The aim of this Masterclass session was to demonstrate by two examples the effectiveness of the ‘Bronze-Silver-Gold’ methodology in embedding a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in improved service performance. It featured stories of how two award-winning public bodies improved services by the application of the ‘Bronze Silver Gold’ (BSG) methodology.

Developed by Burge Hughes Walsh, the BSG approach is simple, accessible and low cost and complements change programmes such as Rapid Improvement Workshops, Lean, Six Sigma and Systems Thinking.

The session covered the following:

• Description of BHW’s  methodology for embedding continuous improvement in large organisations;

• Building mindsets: customer, process and performance focus;

• Engaging natural work teams – ‘with every pair of hands you get a free brain’;

• Case study examples delivered by representatives of Aberdeenshire Council and the General Register Office (Identity and Passport Service) – both award winners for their contribution to process improvement;

• Fit with Lean and Six Sigma - In a few days we will be making available the video of the speakers at the Masterclass, so that you can share their stories with your colleagues.

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