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Stephen Walsh to present at an upcoming Conference:

Posted: Friday, 3 July 2015 @ 11:09

Training in Developing Countries – Reality, Ambitions and Challenges , Sunday, 2nd August 2015.  

Burge Hughes Walsh is entering into a partnership with the International Training and Development Academy (the ITDA) to help bridge the knowledge gap between the West and the Arab World. The ITDA mission is to promote socially responsible, innovative and creative research and human development and business consultation that leads to achieving sustainable goals and solutions in the world, specifically in Europe and the Middle East. BHW has been invited to become a partner with the ITDA and to launch the relationship, Stephen Walsh will be one of their guest speakers at their upcoming conference: Training in Developing Countries – Reality, Ambitions and Challenges , Sunday, 2nd August 2015 in London. For information on the conference, follow the links below: 

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Précis of Stephen’s short presentation: Living Lean – the importance of top-down bottom-up training
“Many companies have trodden the path of embedding continuous improvement in their organisations by building Lean into the corporate mind-set. Many companies have also failed. In this short session, the lessons of what NOT to do will be balanced with the lessons of good practice for a successful outcome. Notably, it is more than doing lean– it is about living lean. In other words, it is as much about behaviours and habits as it is about tools and techniques and the training needs to reflect this. The whole organisation has to be engaged – top-down (strategic thinking, planning, role-modelling) and bottom-up (empowered, self-managing, involved).”

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