Systems Engineering Approach

Product and process improvement methods

Systems Engineering is about applying a Systems Approach to the realisation of a new system or the modification of an existing one. Ultimately, the purpose of Systems Engineering is to provide the best solution to a customer's problem, although from an internal viewpoint it is about managing risk.

Systems Engineering can itself be viewed as a system for creating systems and as such comprises four main sub-systems:

People:  Systems Engineering demands teamwork and cooperative working
Process: Clearly defined, systematic but pragmatic ways of working
Tools: Powerful but simple tools that aid communication and systems thinking
Infrastructure: Facilities and environments that support and reinforce systems thinking

Getting the right blend of People, Process, Tools and Infrastructure is the key to good Systems Engineering and where Burge Hughes Walsh can help. We have over 50 years of in-house practical Systems Engineering experience to draw up on as well as probably the best associate list of any systems company worldwide.