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Training and Consultancy in Systems Design and Process Improvement
Using the Systems World to understand and improve the real world.
Design better products and processes by using the systems approach.
Make your organization more effective and efficient by removing waste.
Improve your processes and products by reducing and controlling variation.
Develop your leadership and your team as change agents.

Who uses BHW?


Businesses large and small, public and private have called upon the consulting and training services of BHW.

Current activity by BHW with the General Register Office, for example, includes the development of in-house facilitators to support their 'Right First Time' customer-focused initiative. At the Office for National Statistics, the promotion of continuous improvement is on several fronts: the development of in-house facilitators to manage Rapid Improvement Events; a 'Working Together' workshop to encourage teamworking inter- and intra-departmentally and a 'Toolkit for Improvement' training course for Branch Heads to help them make customer-focused problem-solving a daily activity and mindset.

Systems companies such as Rolls Royce and BAE Systems are engaging BHW to enhance their Systems Engineering capability. Others like Converteam, Aberdeen City and the HMRC have asked us to facilitate work groups to develop strategy, find resolution to difficult issues and roll out empowerment for process improvement.

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Examples of the diversity of our work include:

Example 1: Systems Engineering for Training and Support
Example 2: Six Sigma in E2V
Example 3: The Process Improvement Programme
Example 4: Management Development at Laybond UK Ltd
Example 5: Rapid Improvement (Kaizen Blitz) Workshop at IDM Electronics
Example 6: The Masterclass
Example 7: Embedding Continuous Improvement in the street cleansing operation at Aberdeenshire Council
Example 8: 'Focus on Improvement' at the Office for National Statistics
Example 9: Increased Productivity in the General Register Office through the application of Lean principles and facilitator development
Example 10: Performance Improvement through day-to-day Continuous Improvement in
Cooper Roller Bearings

A few of our clients:


















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