Lean Tools

Tools and techniques to help identify and eliminate waste in processes

The Lean Approach requires a toolbox of “Lean Tools” that enable the organization to apply the five principles of lean. The tools allow local improvement teams to understand the value stream of their process and identify the waste and remove it. There are also tools that smooth the flow through the process and ones that help to maintain lean processes. We have developed a series of training courses to develop expertise in the use of these tools and can provide practical support and coaching in their application through our consultancy experience.

A few Lean Tools are:

- Process Mapping
- Value Stream Mapping
- Waste Analysis
- Flow Analysis
- Runner, Repeater, Stranger Analysis
- Voice of the Customer Analysis
- Set-up Reduction
- 5-S
- Poka Yoke
- String Diagrams
- N2 Analysis
- Process Simulation
- 8D problem-solving

We have also developed the BHW 8C approach to process improvement and problem-solving.

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