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Training and Consultancy in Systems Design and Process Improvement
Using the Systems World to understand and improve the real world.
Design better products and processes by using the systems approach.
Make your organization more effective and efficient by removing waste.
Improve your processes and products by reducing and controlling variation.
Develop your leadership and your team as change agents.

Standard Training Courses


While we often tailor our training courses to suit an individual client's needs, the following are courses that we offer off-the-shelf.


 Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking Primer  (1 day)

Systems Thinking Course (2 days)

Lean Systems Thinking for Service-Based Systems Course (3 days)

Systems Thinking for Foggy Situations (3 days)

 Systems Engineering 

Systems Engineering Overview Session (½ day)

Systems Engineering Leaders Appreciation Workshop (1 day)

Failure Mode and Effects Course (1 day) 

Design Review Assessor Course (2 days)

How to create a Systems Engineering Management Plan (2 days)

Systems Design Workshop (2 days)

Systems Engineering Appreciation for Leaders (2 days)

System Verification and Validation Workshop (2 days) 

Systems Engineering/Lifecycle Management (3 days)

Designing Safe Systems (3 days)

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Workshop (3 days)

Gathering User Requirements Workshop (4 days)

The Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Course (5 days)

Robust Engineering Course (5 days)

Systems Engineering Project Support

 Lean Organization

Yellow Belt for Champions - The Role of the Manager in Lean and Six Sigma (2 days) 

Lean Green Belt Basics - Six Sigma Practitioner Level (5 days) 

Lean Team Training - embedding a culture of Lean Thinking in daily activity

 Six Sigma

Yellow Belt for Champions - The Role of the Manager in Lean and Six Sigma (2 days) 

Lean Green Belt Advanced - Six Sigma Practitioner Level (5 days)

Black Belt Conversion (6 days)

 Leading Change 

Benchmarking Training and Workshop (1 day plus 1 day follow up)

Yellow Belt for Champions - The Role of the Manager in Lean and Six Sigma (2 days)

Embedding Continuous Improvement using the BHW Bronze-Silver-Gold system

Facilitation Skills Development Course (3 days)

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