Lean What’s New

New Lean products and services

BHW have developed a pragmatic approach to identifying the waste in a non-repetitive process. Taking a conventional process mapping approach to waste identification can be problematic when what we “do” can change from day to day, hour to hour! The BHW seven-step approach focuses on simply capturing the typical activities carried out by a department. Once captured, the wasteful activities can be identified and addressed. Freeing the group from a process map approach gets us to the same end - just quicker!

Most of our work is done in collaboration with our clients to tailor the approach to suit their organization.

Here are some examples of recent work in LEAN ORGANIZATION:

  • Coaching of Continuous Improvement Champions: working with them to install the Burge Hughes Walsh Bronze-Silver-Gold approach to embedding continuous improvement
  • Tools training for Rapid Improvement workshops: enabling in-house team members to run Kaizen Blitz event using the Burge Hughes Walsh 8Cs methodology.
  • Process Simulation Train-the-trainer: developing in-house expertise to run a half-day version of the lean simulation

Please contact us if you want to see how we can tailor programmes to your needs.