What we do

Our portfolio of services includes Systems Thinking, Six Sigma, Business Process Improvement, Benchmarking, use of the Business Excellence Model, Lean, Kaizen, Just-In-Time, Set-Up Reduction, 5S and much more. ‘Soft’ skills training and personal development includes team building, facilitation skills, communication skills, leadership and self-directed teams development.

Activities cover the training of shop floor improvement teams, management development, operations consultancy, senior management workshops, and 'train-the-trainer' development.

Our five areas of business improvement are:


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Our Training Courses

Standard Training Courses

A complete list of all of our standard training courses is available here

For further details of other courses email enquiries@burgehugheswalsh.co.uk.  

Our Tools

Also available is a list of all the current tools for each area.

Our Expertise

The Partners' expertise originates from their employment in a variety of companies before becoming consultants; they also have an associate network of tutors in the fields of:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Business Excellence
  • Change management
  • Embedding Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Lean
  • Management Development
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Materials Management
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Project Management
  • Quality
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Self-Directed Teams
  • Six Sigma