Lean Principles

How to get Lean?

The application of Lean within the organization follows the rigorous pursuit of the five guiding Lean principles:

Specify Value: Know what is important to the customer of the process

Identify and Eliminate Waste: From the process

Smooth the Flow: Allow work to pass freely through the process without hindrance

Pull Value: Control flow by allowing work to be pulled through the process

Pursue Perfection: Make improvement a habit

Our Lean principles encompasses two levels: The 'doing' level and the 'deployment' level.

The deployment level is concerned with the strategic task of making the doing level happen. It is about creating and nurturing the Lean capability within the workforce, providing them with the right approach along with the tools and techniques to deliver improvement. This involves identifying and prioritising opportunities, training the workforce and creating the culture for improvement.

BHW has the practical know-how through our training and consultancy experience to lead organizations through both levels of our Lean approach.