Systems Engineering Training Courses and Workshops

Off-the-shelf Training Courses in Systems Engineering

We have a number of “off the shelf” courses and workshops that can be delivered on a client's site, venue or online. For the longer courses, online delivery is conducted in two or three day modules. We also can tailor these to suit your needs. The following provides a brief outline of the courses and workshops. A more detailed flyer can be download by clicking on the course or workshop title.   

Education and Awareness Sessions and Workshops  

The following events and workshops are aimed at providing the attendees with understanding and knowledge about Systems Engineering. In particular What it is, Why do it, Who does it, When and Where it is done, and also a brief overview How it is done.     

½-day Systems Engineering Overview Session - This 4-hour session is about providing an overview of Systems Engineering, explaining What it is and Why organizations employ it to manage complexity.

1-day Systems Engineering Leaders Appreciation WorkshopThe aim of the workshop is to provide Engineering leaders, and leaders in adjacent disciplines, with sufficient understanding and specific knowledge to create and maintain a culture that expects and enables Systems Engineering.

2-day Systems Engineering Leaders Appreciation Workshop -  The purpose of this Workshop is to ensure key personnel understand the implications and can contribute to the development of the vision and strategy for deploying Systems Engineering. The 2-day workshop will explain why Systems Engineering is needed and the benefits that will follow from its successful deployment. It will also offer the opportunity for attendees to appreciate what Systems Engineering actually involves and how it is of benefit to their organization in securing long term future product development.

Practitioner Training Courses  

The following training courses aim to both educate and train attendees in the concepts, principles and practice of Systems Engineering. They all present a pragmatic proven process together will the tools necessary to engineer a system successfully. The courses fall into two distinct groups, those concerned with doing and those with managing Systems Engineering.  

Doing Systems Engineering  

5-day Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course - This is our most popular course and is delivered to clients around the globe at least once every week of the year.  This course is about educating and training attendees in how to do Systems Engineering – from gathering requirements through to verification and validation. Along the path, participants will also learn what Systems Engineering is and why it is like it is.  Put simply; its purpose is to teach people how to design better systems.

5-day Robust Engineering Course - This course is a natural follow-on from the Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course. It aims to educate and train participants in the concepts, principles and practice of Robust Engineering. The Course will cover the theoretical basis of Robust Design established by Dr Genichi Taguchi through the concept of the loss function and his parameter and tolerance design approach. It will also present a pragmatic proven process for undertaking Robust Engineering, together with the tools necessary to complete the steps.

4-day Gathering User Requirements - The Gathering User Requirements Workshop aims to train organizations gather expectations and needs from stakeholders and translating these into User Requirements. The first two-days are classroom-based and involve a combination of “theory” sessions together with classroom-based practice. The third day is set aside to plan and conduct live interviews with actual or simulated Customers/Users. The fourth day will comprise further workshop elements to translate the gathered source stakeholder/user wants and needs into a set of User Requirements.

3-day FMEA Workshop  - This workshop trains participants in how to conduct and facilitate others in constructing an FMEA. It makes use of a systems approach to failure to provide an unambiguous, repeatable and reproducible approach to FMEA whether it is Functional, Design, Use or Process.

3-day Designing Safe Systems - Systems are unsafe because we design them or manufacture them to be so. Current approaches to product safety miss an opportunity to “design-in safety” because they don't consider safety until a solution exists. This course uses a systems approach during the requirements phase to allow a profound understanding how the “problem” can be made unsafe such that safety is designed in ab initio to design inherently safe systems.

2-day System Design Workshop - This workshop teaches participants how to design complex systems. Starting with gathering and analysing requirements and continuing through system architecting to solution generation, evaluation and selection. Based on a generic model of systems engineering it introduces the systems approach to system design using a simple but extremely powerful tool set.

2-day System Verification and Validation Workshop - The 2-day System Verification and Validation Workshop is complementary to, and a logical follow-on to the System Design Workshop. It teaches participants about the systems approach to the Verification and Validation (V&V) of complex systems through the creation of a body of evidence that demonstrates the maturity of a system design.

1-day Failure Mode and Effects - This training course uses a systems approach to failure to provide practicing engineers with a consistent and clear understanding of the relationships between failure modes, mechanisms, effects and causes. In practice, this systems model provides an unambiguous, repeatable and reproducible approach to FMEA whether it is Functional, Design, Use or Process.  

Managing Systems Engineering  

2-day How to create a Systems Engineering Management Plan - Planning Systems Engineering activity on a project is an important key task. This course is aimed at Systems Engineering managers whose role includes the creation of Systems Engineering Management Plans (SEMP). Based on the processes recommended in ISO15288, it looks at process tailoring, tools section and maturity management.

2-day Design Review Assessor Course - The purpose of this course is to prepare Subject Master Experts to become effect objective and evidence-based Design Review Assessors.

3-day Systems Engineering/Lifecycle Management - This course introduces the concepts and principles of Systems Engineering Management, bringing them to life through an engaging case study project. The course highlights the engineering lifecycle and the roles of reviews in controlling risk at key stages.

Systems Engineering Project Support - BHW has supported clients in applying Systems Engineering to active projects. Our approach is one of guidance and facilitation to help project teams apply the Systems Engineering processes and tools to their specific engineering tasks.

We also tailor courses and develop bespoke courses in any Systems Engineering area.

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