Lean Process

Process for applying Lean

Lean is about identifying and eliminating waste in the organization to generate real, tangible benefits for the business. We at Burge Hughes Walsh follow a pragmatic 4-step process to kick-start your lean drive and develop a sustained lean culture within your organization.

Step 1: Recognise the need for change and establish the key improvement objectives. Find a lean leader – who in the organization is going to take responsibility for meeting the objectives?

Step 2: Identify and prioritise the opportunities for improvement within the organization. At Burge Hughes Walsh we have the know-how to help organizations focus their Lean improvement actions in those areas that will deliver maximum benefit.

Step 3: Deliver the opportunities. We believe that action required depends on the nature of the opportunity being pursued. We have the know-how to help you identify the appropriate approach along with the suitable lean tools that will deliver the benefit.

Step 4: Sustain the improvement culture. Create a virtuous circle of lean process improvement. Our experience in Leading Change can help organizations maintain the improvement drive. At Burge Hughes Walsh we have developed our own Bronze-Silver-Gold audit framework to provide a simple assessment tool to embed continuous improvement in the culture of the organization.

As people see the results, they too will want to become involved in transforming the business into a truly lean organization.