Six Sigma Approach

Product and process improvement

Six Sigma is about improving an existing process in order to deliver a more consistent product or service to the customer. “Doing” Six Sigma requires a structured and coordinated approach. At Burge Hughes Walsh we know how to make Six Sigma work. Using our approach to Six Sigma is best described with the “Six Sigma Onion”.

It starts with the customer and an understanding of their “Critical to Quality” expectations – what’s important to them. Where the organization fails to meet those expectations, there lies an opportunity for applying Six Sigma. Those opportunities are delivered through formalised Six Sigma projects that all follow the DMAICT Six Sigma methodology.       

Supporting the methodology are the best practice tools and techniques and supporting the delivery of projects is the organizational Six Sigma infrastructure.

At Burge Hughes Walsh we have extensive experience in the creation and implementation of Six Sigma programmes in many different types of organizations. To learn more about how we could help you, please contact us.