Six Sigma Benefits

What is in it for you?

Any time a process fails to deliver what the customer of that process wants, there is a cost incurred. It might be the cost associated with putting it right or the cost resulting in loss of customer satisfaction and the subsequent impact on sales. It is estimated that this “Cost of Poor Quality” represents 15 - 20% of revenue for the typical organization.

Six Sigma enables organizations to improve their processes, making them more capable of delivering what the customer wants right first time. The resulting benefits to the organization can be substantial:

-  Greater productivity
-  Greater throughput
-  Improved quality
-  Reduced cycle times
-  Less fire fighting
-  Smoother operation
-  Reduced operating costs

Since its conception in 1985, Six Sigma has realised significant tangible cost savings to those organizations that have embraced it. General Electric, who started Six Sigma in 1995, reported $12bn of savings in their first 5 years. They are not alone in their success – the list of organizations reaping the benefits continues to grow.

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